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The 2024 MFI Awards on 26 March

The 2024 MFI Awards will be hosted on 26 March 2024 alongside agrofood Nigeria and WACCSE 2024. The MFI Awards Ceremony is co-sponsored by the MFI Micronutrient Fortification Index and powered by TechnoServe via a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored initiative, the Technical Assistance Accelerator Program.

Several Nigerian ministers and members of the Dangote family and the Dangote Foundation will personally present the awards to the CEOs of the top 5 brands in the wheat flour, edible oil and sugar industries.

See the 2023 MFI Rankings Top 5 Participants.

The Micronutrient Fortification Index (MFI) shares information about the quality of staple food fortification in Nigeria. Employing current industry data, the MFI ranks food processing companies’ performances providing consumers with important information about the brands they purchase thus giving these companies an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to meeting quality standards for fortifying their products with essential vitamins and minerals.

The Federal Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment chaired the 2023 MFI Awards.

The 2023 MFI Awards were hosted at the Lagos Landmark Centre on 28 March 2023 alongside agrofood & plastprintpack and WACCSE 2023.

Chaired by the Honorable Otunba Adeniyi Adebayo, Federal Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, the event was honored by the presence of the Honorable Commissioner of Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture, Ruth Abisola Olusanya, numerous dignitaries from Nigerian ministries and institutions and members of the Dangote family and the Dangote Foundation.

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