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Spotlight 2024 on Milling & Bakery

Shining the Spotlight on Milling & Bakery: Unleashing Nigeria's Flourishing Market!

In the bustling landscape of Nigeria, the milling and bakery industry is experiencing an extraordinary surge. Fueled by rapid population growth, urbanisation, and evolving consumer preferences, this sector is ripe with opportunities. The demand for bakery products, including the rise of healthy and organic options, has propelled local and international bakeries to expand their operations across Nigeria.

Embracing the wave of innovation, many bakeries have harnessed the power of automation and technology in their production processes. This transformative shift has not only enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness but also enabled the creation of an extensive range of delectable products.

Against this backdrop, the 9th edition of agrofood Nigeria is set to cast a luminous Spotlight on Milling & Bakery.

This highly anticipated event will showcase:

  • Prominent exhibitors from the milling and bakery sector,
  • Engaging workshops and live bakery sessions,
  • Themed panel discussions featuring industry experts,
  • A plethora of influential buyers representing major milling and bakery companies.

Interested in discovering which companies will secure a spot among the top 5 brands in Nigeria's wheat flour, edible oil, and sugar industries? Then mark your calendar for The 2024 MFI Awards, taking place on March 26th in conjunction with agrofood Nigeria. Be part of the excitement and witness the recognition of industry leaders!

Seize the moment and leverage these exceptional opportunities by joining us at MILLING & BAKERY @ agrofood Nigeria 2024! 

Explore an extensive array of product categories, including: 

  • Cutting-edge feeding equipment
  • High-quality grains and grain systems
  • Advanced milling and mixing equipment
  • Premium seeds and seedlings
  • Innovative bakery technology
  • State-of-the-art confectionery, snacks, and chocolate production technology
  • Food safety and quality management solutions
  • Cutting-edge kitchen and noodle technology
  • Other essential milling & bakery equipment
  • Versatile bakery raw materials
  • Vibrant flavors & colors
  • Flour improvers for exceptional baking results
  • Other indispensable bakery & confectionery ingredients

Prepare to be dazzled by the diverse offerings, ignite your creativity, and tap into the immense potential of Nigeria's milling and bakery market. Join us at agrofood Nigeria 2024, where opportunities abound and the future of the industry awaits.



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