Nigeria soon to become Africa’s largest importer of any technology

High sustainable investments and enormous population growth

The 6th agrofood Nigeria in 2020 continues its success story

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Africa’s largest economy is on the growth track as Nigeria’s GDP is expected to grow from US$ 397 billion in 2018 to US$ 445 billion in 2019 and US$ 496 billion in 2020. 

Nigeria's GDP has thus grown more than fivefold between 2000 (US$ 69 billion) and 2018 and would grow more than sevenfold by 2020. (World Bank) 

And due to high and sustained investments in its agrofood and plastprintpack industry and its enormous expected population growth from currently 201 million to 411 million in 2050 (United Nations), it is all too likely that Nigeria will very soon become the number one in Africa for imports of any technology. A position the country is likely to take in the long term. 

Based on these upbeat market developments, agrofood Nigeria 2020 is to continue its success story. 

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