Conference program 2019

«Skills development, Value chain approach, Circular economy & Finance, Start-ups and Digitalization» 

3-days of conferences, presentations and events featuring 25 Nigerian and European experts

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Presentation platform

Target group of audience: 
C-level professionals in relation to the agrofood & plastprintpack industry from all spheres, private businesses, associations, government, research, ...   

Where the speakers & panelists come from: 

  • Nigerian and European governmental institutions, private businesses, start-ups, banks, advisory firms, business intelligence firms               
  • International chambers of commerce, growth and development agencies, public international organizations
  • International technology & solution providers              


Session 1 - Agrofood Business and Skills Development:
Boosting agrofood production in Nigeria, the value chain approach

„AFOS AGRIC Project - Approach, Challenges, Learnings and Results”
„Agriculture in Nigeria: The Human Factor”
„Investment opportunities in critical agrofood value chain: Nigeria and Africa’s need at this point”

Session 2 - Circular Economy:
Combining innovative techniques and resource efficiency to create sustainable process

„Naija Basket – Packaging Solution for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables"
„Advancing Sustainable Cold Chain Development in Nigeria”
“Improving Efficiency through Innovative Technology & Products in the agrofood Industry“

Session 3 - Finance, Start-ups and Digitalization:
A game changer for the agrofood and plastprintpack business in Nigeria

„Agricultural Value Chain Financing and the Prospects of Startups in Nigeria Agrofood Industry”
„How startups are transforming the Agrofood sector positively“
„Capturing a new market segment with Agro SME lending and credit“