6th International Trade Show

Landmark Centre
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Organizer & international contact

fairtrade Messe GmbH & Co KG

Ms Freyja Detjen

Contact Nigeria

Ms Anna Lucassen
+234 812 817 0008

Nigeria WhatsApp-Service

Nigeria WhatsApp-Service
+234 802 266 9614

food + bev tech Nigeria

Imports of food technology steadily growing

Food technology

  • Nigeria soon to become the largest importer of food technology in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Currently 2nd behind South Africa

Source VDMS 2019 / Graph fairtrade

Imports of packaging technology growing too

Packaging technology

  • 2nd largest importer in sub-Saharan Africa behind South Africa

Source VDMS 2019 / Graph fairtrade

Range of exhibits

Process technology
    •    Ingredients and auxiliary materials
    •    Bakery technology
    •    Confectionery, chocolate and snacks technologyIce cream technology
    •    Coffee machines and equipmentKitchen technology
    •    Basic food technologyVegetable and fruit technologyBeverage technology
    •    Pasta technology
    •    Delicatessen and convenience food technology
    •    Dairy technology
    •    Meat processing technology
    •    Fish technology

Packaging technology
    •    Packaging machines
    •    Packaging materials




Food safety and quality management

Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology
    •    Refrigeration installations
    •    Ventilation, air conditioning and heating technology

Conveying, transport and storage installations

Water and waste water


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